Stephen Wilson


Hey guys! My name is Stephen Wilson and I’m a trainer here at Revolution Fitness. I’d like to take a minute to tell you a little about myself. A few years ago I found myself out of breath from what was an easy hike the year before. I’ve always enjoyed an active lifestyle and suddenly it was harder to do the things I wanted to do. I started running a few days a week and like most people without a plan all I got for it was shin splints. After trying new shoes and ice until I couldn’t feel my legs I saw an athletic trainer. He helped me correct my form and develop a sensible training routine. After that a new world opened up. Before long I’d completed my first 5k. I set my sights on larger goals and within a few years I’d completed five 50k (that’s 31 miles and yes that’s ridiculous). I had a bucket list goal of climbing Mt Rainier and I thought I was in good shape so I signed up. I completed the climb but wow was it difficult. I realized then there were some holes in my training so I started some functional fitness that point I received a crossfit endurance certification to aid my training. I still loved running and wanted to complete a 50 mile race so that was my focus. During that I fell in love with the functional side of training so afterward I focused on that. I’ve competed in numerous crossfit style competitions and even managed to win a few. But not all of life is competition so I also got to enjoy backpacking and rock climbing. The best reward for my work was that I could do the things I enjoyed. Since then I’ve went on to compete in Highland Games and Strong man. However the thing I remember most fondly through my journey is the times I was able to help someone else with their journey like that athletic trainer helped me so many years ago.