Equipment List

Free Weights
2 Competition ER Squat Racks with Bench Attachments
1 Elite Fitness Competition Bench
2 Total Strength and Speed Flat Bench Press
1 Hammer Strength Decline Press
1 Sorinex Autospot Incline Press
1 Life Fitness Shoulder Press
8 Adjustable 0-90 Benches
4 Flat Dumbbell Benches
2 Decline Benches
1 Hammer Strength Preacher Curl Bench
1 Hammer Strength Seated Shoulder Press Bench
1 French Curl Bench
1 Standing Incline Bench
1 Hammer Strength Half Rack
1 Hammer Strength Full Rack with Landmine attachment
1 Life Fitness Hyperextension
6 Competition Platforms

Hammer 45 degree Leg Press (PL)
Cybex Leg Press (PL)
Paramount Total Leg (PL)
Arsenal Hack Squat (PL)
Strong Back Belt Squat Machine (PL)
2 Life Fitness Leg Extensions (S)
Hammer Seated Leg Curl (PL)
Cybex Kneeling Leg Curl (PL)
Life Fitness Lying Leg Curl (S)
Standing Leg Curl (S)
Dynavec Gluteator (PL)
Hip Machine (S)
Donkey Calf Machine (S)
Hammer Seated Calf Machine (PL)
Hammer Seated Shoulder Press Machine (PL)
Iron Brand Standing Lateral Raise Machine (PL)
Hammer Seated Lateral Raise Machine (PL)
Life Fitness Rear Delt/ Pec Dec Machine (S)
Hammer Shrug Machine (PL)
Hammer 4 Way Neck Machine (PL)
Hammer High Row (PL)
Hammer Mid Row (PL)
Hammer Low Row (PL)
Cybex Lat Pull (S)
Strong Back Reverse Hyperextension (PL)
Nautilus Pullover Machine (S)
Hammer Seated Incline Press (PL)
Hammer Seated Decline Press (PL)
Hammer Seated Dip Machine (PL)
Hammer Preacher Curl Machine(PL)
Hammer Grip Machine (PL)
Hammer Strength Ab Machine (PL)
Hammer Smith Machine (PL)
2 Life Fitness Dual Adjustable Cable Machines (S)
2 Life Fitness Cable Crossovers (S)
Life Fitness Lat-Pull (S)
Life Fitness Seated Row (S)

Bars and Weights
Rubber Dumbbells in pairs 5’s to 120’s
Metal Dumbbells in pairs 130’s to 160’s
Kettlebells in pairs 10’s to 100’s
Full Set of Pre-set Curl Bars 30-120
Full set of Titex Kilo Plates
2 Sets of Ivanko Kilo Plates
Full Set of Ivanko Pound plates from 2 ½’s to 45’s including 80 – 45 lb Plates
Bumper Plates up to 400 lbs
10 Texas Power Bars
Texas Deadlift Bar
Texas Squat Bar
Slater Log Press Bar
Carter Log Press Bar
Farmer’s Walk Handles
Swiss Bar
American Bar
Buffalo Bar
Safety Squat Bar
Tsunami Bar
Hurricane Bar
Axle Bar

Cardio Equipment
1 Stairmaster HIITMill X
2 Concept 2 Rowers
2 LifeStep Steppers
3 Lifefitness Elipticals
3 Octane Ellipticals
3 LifeFitness Step Mills
2 Stairmasters 4600 CL Steppers
2 Life Fitness Treadmills
2 FreeMotion Treadmills
2 FreeMotion Recumbant Bike
1 Arc Trainer
2 Aerodyne Bikes

2 Elite Fitness Sleds
2 sets of Battling Ropes
2 sets of Plyoboxes
3 Deadlift Jacks
4 MAG Cable handles
Titan Viking Press Handle
Dozens of Resistance Bands
Various Chains
Carter Strongman Yoke
TSS Wrap Roller
Titan 18″ Wagon Wheels
Titan Fitness Cambered Squat Bar
Titan Fitness Rickshaw
SISU Training Hammer
2 Titan Fitness Peg Boards
3 Atlas Stomes
Assorted Tires of varying weights