Christina Otálvaro Rahaim

Christina has been an instructor for about two years.  She initially received her Zumba license at the University of Alabama under the instruction of Erik Santana, Zumba Education Specialist.  Since then she has taught in various places such as Pearl River Community College, Revolution Fitness and she even taught abroad last summer.  Christina taught Zumba at ” Cosi” Language School in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Christina also introduced Zumba Fitness Education at Pearl River Community College, Forrest County Center, during the Fall of 2011, making her the first instructor to teach Zumba at the PRCC Hattiesburg Campus.


Zumba, CPR, AED & Basic First Aid


Inspiration to teach in the fitness industry:

She has always loved dancing and fitness.  She wants to inspire others to get back in shape.  Regardless of age, weight or fitness background.  Christina loves the fact that Zumba allows her to share her Latin roots with her students.  She feels that music connects her to her students.  Every class feels like an “International party” according to Christina since she strictly follows the Zumba guidelines.  She incorporates Rhythms such as:  Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Regueton, Flamenco, Bachata, Tribalera, Hip-hop and country.  This makes Zumba fun, while it allows you to burn between 600-1000 calories per class.  (one hour)  Her main goal is to bring a positive and energetic environment to every Zumba class. She also wants students to explore the possibility to stay fit through dancing, and like her instructor Santana said:  “Bring it so you can own it.”