Amanda Micka

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Amanda Micka has been involved in athletics and nutrition for years.  A cancer survivor, Amanda looked towards weight training to increase her bone density and fell in love with exercising.  She competes in bodybuilding and has won the overall title at the Mississippi State Championships, the River City Classic, the Southern Classic and the Southern USA’s.   She won the light-heavyweight class at the Jr. USA’s and won the light-heavyweight class at the 2014 Masters Nationals.  Amanda holds state and national records in the bench press and has a current best lift of 308 lbs weighing 148.   Amanda has also been competing as a Highland Games competitor and won the State Championships in 2010.  Amanda is Co-Owner of Revolution Fitness. Amanda is ISSA certified and specializes in training small groups interested in getting leaner and increasing their overall fitness.  As a competitive bodybuilder, Amanda recognizes the importance of good nutrition and guides her clients towards healthier eating.